Canyon Lake Church of Christ
42301 FM 3159
Canyon Lake, TX 78133​
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Recent Sermon Audio Files . . . . .
(Copies of sermons on CD are available upon request.)

Unless otherwise noted, the sermons below were delivered 
by Joseph McWhorter, minister.

04/22/2018  AM  More Than A Messenger
04/22/2018  PM  Being a Righteous Leader
04/15/2018  AM  Esther, Mordecai and the Rewards of Righteousness
04/15/2018  PM  Believing the Truth of Jesus
04/08/2018  AM  Book of Esther:  The Fall of Haman
04/01/2018  AM  Two Men, Two Trees
04/01/2018  PM  The Resurrection and The Life

03/25/2018  AM  The Danger of Bad Friends
03/25/2018  PM  The Basics of Temptation
03/18/2018  AM  ​(unavailable)
03/18/2018  PM  Your God Is Too Small
03/11/2018  AM  Book of Esther: The Principled Guardian
03/04/2018  AM  Book Of Esther:  The Imperfect Girl
03/04/2018  PM  Serving Like Joseph

02/18/2018  AM  Book of Esther: The Woman Who Said No
02/18/2018  PM  The Life of Fruitful Servants
02/11/2018  AM  Is Marriage Dead?
02/04/2018  AM  Truth
02/04/2018  PM  Do You Practice What You Preach?

01/28/2018  AM  10 Reasons People Don't Like You
01/28/2018  PM   The Impartiality of God
01/21/2018  AM  Trusting God's Way
01/21/2018  PM  The Wrath of God
01/14/2018  AM  What is a Christian?
01/07/2018  AM  Who Is The Jesus?  The Way
01/07/2018  PM  A Debtor To All 

12/31/2017  AM  Our Goals For 2018
12/31/2017  PM  If Today Was Your Last Day
12/24/2017  AM  Just a Good Man?
12/24/2017  PM Good and Perfect Gifts
12/17/2017  AM  Sharing Financially
12/17/2017  PM  Naaman and Gehazi 
12/10/2017  AM  When You Just Can't Get Along
12/03/2017  AM  Giving It All Up
12/03/2017  PM  Citizenship in Heaven​

11/12/2017  AM Charles Boren When Faith is Challenged, Then What?
11/05/2017  AM Two Godly Men
11/05/2017  PM The Good Samaritan

10/29/2017  AM Rejoicing in Hardships
10/29/2017  PM The Parable of the Soils
10/22/2017  PM Building Bigger Barns
10/15/2017  AM Charles Boren We Are Champions
10/15/2017  PM Charles Boren Holiness
10/08/2017  AM The Key to Unity
10/01/2017  AM Finding Perspective in Hardships

09/24/2017  AM Sacred Friendships
09/17/2017  AM Why Sunday?
09/10/2017  AM Worship in Eating
09/10/2017  PM The Prodigal Sons

08/20/2017  AM Charles Boren The Greatness of the Church
08/20/2017  PM  Charles Boren Turning Trials Into Victory
08/13/2017  AM  Singing: Praising God with Body and Soul
08/06/2017  AM  Prayer: Communicating with God

07/30/2017  AM  Worship: Life's Greatest Moments
07/30/2017  PM  Joel: God is Judge
07/23/2017  AM  Tony Lopez  Courage
07/23/2017  PM  Encourage One Another
07/16/2017  AM  What is Our Mission?
07/16/2017  PM  Christian Attitude
07/09/2017  AM  The Gift of the USA
07/02/2017  AM  Ken Leonard Churches of Christ Disaster Relief Effort
07/02/2017  PM  Andrew: Quiet Servant

​06/25/2017  AM  Selah: Meditating on Doubt
06/25/2017  PM  Charles Boren  Kindness
06/18/2017  AM  Jason Butler What Has Love Got To Do With It?
06/18/2017  PM  The Blind Man Who Saw
06/11/2017  AM  Selah: Meditating on Human Frailty
06/04/2017  AM  Dave Miller What was Jesus Like?
06/04/2017  PM  Nahum: God is a Warrior

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             John Hollingsworth
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