Canyon Lake Church of Christ
42301 FM 3159
Canyon Lake, TX 78133​
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What We Believe . . . . . 
WE WANT TO SERVE YOU: This church isn't exclusive or wealthy. Everything about it is very simple. It exists as a simple, New Testament body, pointing those of its community to the Christ and God of the Bible.  

WE HAVE NO READY-MADE CREED: There isn't much that is ready-made for you in this church. There is no ready-made creed; you simply take the word of God. There are no ready-made prayers nor any instrumental music. 

WE EXIST TO UNITE BELIEVERS: The church represents no denomination. It is simply the church of Christ.  

OUR FOCUS: Our focus is to proclaim the simple message of the church of the first century; to worship God in the simple, sincere way in which that church worshipped; to adopt the organization by which it functioned; and to serve with the humble, holy consecration that characterized its members. 

YOU WILL FIND A FRIENDLY SPIRIT: Our members believe that friendliness is a natural attitude among people who truly love God. Our invitation is genuine and sincere.

If you like to worship God "in spirit and in truth", if you enjoy thinking and meditating on Gods word; if you appreciate warm, intimate, genuine brotherliness, you will enjoy attending the periods of bible study and worship of the church.


To reach every soul possible with the gospel of Christ. 

To enrich the congregation with evangelistic meetings, workshops, mission forums, etc. 

To maintain a benevolent program to assist the needy.

To provide and stimulate an overall program of worship and service that will be pleasing to God and meet the spiritual needs of every interested person.